Environmental Protection

Attaching great importance to environment protection, Wanbao Mininginsists on the environment protection principles of “People First, Win-win Cooperation, Safe Ecosystem and Sustainable Development” and follows the ISO14001: 2004 Standard for its environment management system. Wanbao Mining strictly abides by local laws and regulations, and adopts the most rigorous environment protection measures so as to minimize the environmental impact from production and operation, thus effectively protecting the local environment together with local government, employees, subcontractors and communities.

  • Environment Management System

    Regarding the issue of environment protection, Wanbao Mining adopts international best practice,strictly follows the concerned laws and regulations in…

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  • Building “Green Mine”

    The process of “Open-pit Mining — Heap Leaching — Solvent Extraction — Electro-winning” adopted by S&K project is internationally used in the field,

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  • Preventing water pollution

    With the target of conserving clean water body, Wanbao Mining has been trying its best to minimize pollution discharge. High-Density Polyethylene (HDP…

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  • Pit-Closing, Backfilling and Land Reclamation Plan

    To achieve sustainable development, Wanbao Mining actively makes plan for geomorphological design and recovery.

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