Harmonious Community

Building up a harmonious and friendly relationship with the local government and community is the guarantee for the business development and stable operation of Wanbao Mining. The company has been upholding the principle of “mutual benefit and common development”, respecting local traditions and customs, giving full consideration to balance the interests of local community, and joining hands with local government to develop a good number of engineering projects that meet the practical needs of local community. The company has been active in taking part in the charity activities and taken concrete actions to promote the local economy.

  • Focusing on Communication & Infrastructure Construct

    Wanbao Mining highly values communication with local government and community and makes its efforts in building a harmonious relationship with the loc…

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  • Active in Social Benefit & Charitable Donation

    Cooperating with the neghbouring communities, Wanbao Mining has been actively taking part in all kinds of activities that are helpful in solving local…

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  • Supporting the Development of Medical Care and Education

    Wanbao Mining offers its full support to the development of local medical care and education.The project company has been making its contributions to…

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  • Respecting the Religious Belief and Protecting the Cultural Heritage

    Wanbao Mining respects religious beliefs, culture and local customs and habits in Myanmar. Assisted by its local partner

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