Wanbao Mining is committed to developing trade of core metallic products, such as copper and cobalt. While Strengthening the marketing of mineral products, Wanbao has enhanced cooperation with its partners and gradually creates a market oriented development pattern of trade. In recent years, Wanbao's mineral product trade business has been expanding rapidly, and its annual trade volume increased by several folds. The variety of its mineral products has grown along with its market share, and its market influence has become increasingly stronger.

Wanbao Mining has established a professional, efficient and flexible trade development model by virtue of its team of trade professional talents, strong financial support, trade platform in Hong Kong, the international logistics agency services and the warehousing facilities in the main ports of China.

Wanbao Mining is committed to building and maintaining stable long-term strategic partnerships with both upstream and downstream customers, developing reliable and stable value chains among the upstream suppliers and downstream customers, and establishing smooth trade channels for the benefit and development of all involved.